Mynt launched its service end of 2018 and provides growing small businesses with digital financing solutions. Mynt has reinvented financing for small businesses offering a line of credit, fully data driven based on the companies connected data sources. Mynt has a digital user experience with a strong supporting scoring and fraud prevention model. Mynt is built from scratch to be part of the digital ecosystem and is already integrated in accounting systems like Visma and PE Accounting.

Baltsar Sahlin – Founder

Johan Obermayer – Founder

Magnus Wideberg – Founder

"The entire ecosystem"

You have the entire ecosystem at SUP46 – you have smart people hanging there, you have the investors and you also have media there. It has been really good for us in terms of getting attention to be at SUP46.

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We accept startups based all over Sweden as members at SUP46 and have different types of memberships depending on the needs of your startup.

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