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Customers today have an ever-growing choice of vendors to choose from, which makes competition harder and retention more difficult. Keeping your customers happy and active will significantly lower the risk of losing them, and will keep you on top of your game.
But it isn’t as simple as it sounds, otherwise, everyone would be doing it, right?
This is why their mission is to make customer retention and loyalty easy.

From rewarding your customers, thanking them for their patience with a support issue or remembering them on their birthday or after a good meeting; .loyalty does it all through a simple web UI that is set-up in minutes.

All communication is fast and efficient as we use high-end text message providers and powerful e-mail engines, so that you can reach any customer, anywhere at any time.
With integrations towards CRM-systems such as SalesForce, managing customer loyalty has never been easier or faster

Martin Ericson – CEO


"SUP46 is an opportunity"

In my opinion, SUP46 is a good community but it is much bigger than that – the community creates opportunities, so for me SUP46 is an opportunity.

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