Halon is a  fully scriptable SMTP software to handle all in-flight email and maximize deliverability, developed for telcos, hosting providers and service providers who offer email services to their customers. With Halon you get a future-proof and more efficient email infrastructure, without making compromises. Halon already powers some of the world’s most popular email servers, and over 25 million mailboxes worldwide.
Halon consists of a dedicated team of doers, based in Gothenburg. Together we have set out to change the landscape of email security, by enabling service providers to tailor their perfect email infrastructure.
The story about Halon began in 2002 when the entrepreneurial brothers Peter and Jonas started building firewalls together with young talents Anders and Erik. The company has since then created and launched a variety of products within email security.
Since 2014, all focus is on optimizing the Halon SMTP software, adding new customers and keep them happy!
Per Stenman