Annual Swedish Startup Scene Infographic (July 2016)

An introduction to our startup scene and its developments.

The Swedish Startup Scene Infographics Q1 & Q2 2016

We often get questions from journalists, tech wizards and curious visitors around the Swedish startup scene. Why is it so successful? What is the secret to great companies like Spotify, Skype, King, Klarna, Mojang and many more all originating from this tiny, cold country in the north? In our opinion it is not one single factor that can be held accountable for this but rather a combination of things.

Our annual Infographics aims to both introduce you to the startup scene at large but is also a way to keep track of its developments. We hope you find it helpful.



Download 2015 infographic as PDF

See the SUP46 Swedish Startup Infographic from 2014 here for comparison


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