Open Workspace & Startup Café

by SUP46

We are just like great friends: Hard to find, difficult to leave & impossible to forget 


Welcome to our open workspace and café

Startup Café by SUP46 is a lounge, a café and a workplace all in one. We are an open meeting place with an international touch for the start-up community, networkers, students and people in need of great wifi (100Gbps!!) and a chair to sit on. You do not have to be a member to visit this area of SUP46. Bring your computer, sit and work for a few hours! Or don’t work, just enjoy the great coffee, nice people and delicious snacks!

Opening Hours: Weekdays 08.30-18.00 (closed on public holidays)



It is also the perfect place for curious visitors to become part of the Stockholm startup scene. SUP46 have unicorns in the making!

We are open Monday to Friday between 08:30-18.00 – apart from public holidays. We serve breakfast, lunch and the inevitable “fika” all day every day, just as it should be. The café offer sandwiches, salads, soup and snacks. The member are is open 24/7 for our member and alumni companies.

In addition, to celebrate our multicultural environment (did you know we had members from more than 45 different countries at SUP46) we will once a month put the spotlight on one country for a week!

Hire us!  The café area and event space are also open for bookings after 6 PM. If you are looking for a centrally located venue in an exciting environment to host your mingle or after work, get in contact with our event manager Tatjana through We also have conference rooms and a big event venue.

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