Meet the members – Sportswik from Umeå

One of SUP46´s goals for 2017 is to get more members outside Stockholm. Sportswik is one of our current members from Umeå. We have asked Sportswiks CEO, Martin Wiklund, a few questions about their membership.


Sportswik is a niche social media for sports coverage. They want to democratize sports coverage by enabling every team at any age or level to shoot pictures, videos and live report goals and game events with a few simple touches on their smartphones. Their content engine algorithms analyse the content and automatically sets pictures, headlines, leads etc. to make it look like the coverage of a top-level game.


The Sportswik team, Martin is second from the left. Photo: Mikael Hansson


How did you find out about SUP46 and why did you apply for a membership?

We found out about SUP46 from our board member Almi Invest. As an Umeå based startup we wanted to get access to the network of investors, partners and other startups around SUP46.


Why do you think a SUP46 membership is good for tech startups outside Stockholm?


Most other Swedish cities lack the network of companies and investors that exist in Stockholm. By being a member, still based in Umeå, we have been included in a community of other companies in the same phase as us, and a network of big companies and investors that would have taken much more time and effort to build without SUP46. 


What has been the best thing with the SUP46-membership?


To learn from and get connected to other companies in the network! This has helped us to gain knew knowledge, open doors, and avoid mistakes.