Meet the team – Morgane (Mo)


SUP46 opened the Café and open workspace in May 2016. The area is open for everyone who needs a place to sit and work, study, a cup of coffee, a lunch or just a place to hang out with great WIFI. Mo joined SUP46 as the Café Manager in November last year. Get to know her and how she ended up at SUP46 a bit better below!



How did you end up at SUP46?

I had just returned to Stockholm after an around the world trip and it was time for me to settle down again. Before traveling I had been working for a Swedish restaurant in London and before that as a promotion manager and I was looking for something that would somehow bring these experiences together: food, customers service and promotion/communication, if possible in an international environment as I am a Frenchie who lives in Sweden and loves to travel! With Sup46 I got the whole package!


What do you do at SUP46?


I am the Start Up Café Manager. We are a lounge, a café and an open workplace all in one! And just like great friends we are maybe difficult to find but very hard to leave and impossible to forget! With my team of interns we serve our amazing customers (Sup46 members and non-members), prepare catering for the many meetings and events organised all year round here at Sup (more than 250 last year!) and ensure the place is welcoming and inspiring. It is also my job to come up with new dishes and treats, as well as to promote the café outside our walls.


What do you like best about your job?


I am never bored! There is always something new to do and try. I have a lot of freedom and have the chance to work with a team and customers who are very creative, open minded and enjoy a good challenge! I also learn a lot every day about the Start-Up scene, which is fascinating and very inspiring.


If you were starting your own scalable business tomorrow, what would it be?


It would have to be within wellness. I am also a yoga teacher and co-owner of Bestofyou which we are now developing into a platform offering inspiration but also life coaching, yoga and nutrition services. We believe happiness is the highest form of health and wish to spread the word!