Meet the team – Arish


October 2016 SUP46 launched the open digital platform TheHub together with Danske Bank. The aim is to give visibility to all Swedish startups, thus assisting them with recruiting talent, finding and contacting investors and also by offering best practice tools and templates for documents that all startups need. Read more about The Hub and Project Manager Arish Karadaghi below.



How did you end up at SUP46?


Last winter I was writing my thesis in Uppsala and working with some projects at Entrepreneurs Academy, at the same time I started to travel between Uppsala-Stockholm daily because of an idea that my friend and I started to work on that also attracted great attention. We started to apply to some business competitions and we won the City of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship, and the Digital idea of the year by Universum & Schibsted Growth.

I did a summer internship at Schibsted Growth and got the chance to work with the amazing Miriam Grut Norrby. She is also part of SUP46 Advisory Board so through her I got in contact with Petra and Jessica. I used to go to some events at SUP46 and I knew people working there already but the opportunity to work in the team and learn one or two things from Jessica tempted me. They were already searching for a project manager for the Hub and I liked the concept so two interviews later I got the position.


What do you do at SUP46?


I’m project manager of the Hub and working with growing the Swedish platform to establish an overview of tech startups in Sweden – our goal is to help startup companies with their recruitment of new employees, funding, and offering best practice tools (i.e. legal documents).

Most of my daily work goes to screening and publishing new startup profiles, job ads, job applicants, investor profiles and matching potential advisors & angel investors with the founders. I’m also sourcing new companies and open job positions in the startup community, helping these companies get visibility to talents by targeting the right social media channels. I’m basically trying to create a digital community for startups but also so future entrepreneurs have a “go-to-place,” The Hub – it’s totally free for everyone! Since the Hub also exists in the other Nordic countries, we have weekly talks amongst us country managers as well, making it a Nordic thing.

We see as a further extension of the SUP46 open workplace by the Startup Café and our desire to have member companies in other Swedish cities as well so is helping startups that are in various stages.

If you have a tech startup (no matter if you are currently recruiting or not) sign up and create your profile. If you are looking to join a startup, apply to over 140 jobs right now. Life is short!


What do you like best about your job?


I love to work with the team and that I’m surrounded in an office by people from all over the world with different experiences and perspectives – It’s a very sharp and enthusiastic ecosystem. It’s exciting to be part of the Swedish startup community but above all it’s very fulfilling to be there supporting the most passionate, driven and intelligent people – the entrepreneurs. We work hard every day to help them reach the next level!


If you were starting your own scalable business tomorrow, what would it be?


The Hub feels a bit like my own startup, except having a boss and other parties involved! I’m still working with my own idea but more at night and on weekends. If I could, starting tomorrow, I would go all in day and night to re-invent driver learning with technology. I’m also a passionate football fanatic so mixing technology with the modern football industry is also something that is catching my attention.


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