Meet the members – Monika from SDG12


Monika Martinsson is co-founder of one of our new member companies SDG12. They are building a digital platform that automatically presents your climate footprint based on your consumption and lifestyle. Their mobile app will engage to reduce your footprint through guidance and challenges in a gameified format. Tailored offerings around sustainable products and services will be synced with your ambitions of carbon footprint reduction.


From left: Anders Åkerlund, Daniel Dellham, Monika Martinsson och Niclas Persson


You and your three co-founders are all in your mid forties and you have all had successful careers. Was it a tough decision for you to start SDG12? What was the reaction from colleagues, friends and family? 


To some extent it was of course a tough decision, especially seeing that the economic reality changes a lot. But in all the other aspects it’s was a very easy decision. When we felt that we were on to something good and that all four of us found different aspects of the same idea really interesting – we got into a flow! And we’re still there actually, we have so much fun doing this. All four of us enjoy learning new stuff and we aren’t too afraid of being out of our comfort zones, so with that in mind this is just fun. The feed back from the people around us has been very positive – we have supporting friends! And you need that of course, in order to be brave.


What are you doing right now and what is SDG12´s next step? 

Right now we are in a hectic design and development phase, trying out different ways of making an engaging and fun experience for our users. We’re dealing with such a serious topic, so the playfulness and cheerfulness is really important. We’re also building a solid content for the platform based on lastest research and also working with identifying partners and partner companies that are interested in what we are doing. We’re launching a beta version before summer, doing another capital raise during summer and aiming at releasing a version 1.0 towards the end of year. 


You joined SUP46 a few months ago. What´s your impression so far of SUP46?

We are really happy to be here! It’s a fun place, a lot of things happen and there’s always someone you can learn from. We’ve been given many opportunities just by being here and we feel strongly that the business run by SUP46 is a vital success factor for start-ups such as ours.