Meet Isabelle Nyroth – Drone Operation Expert at Spotscale


Isabelle Nyroth is working as Drone Operations Expert for our member company Spotscale from Linköping. She’s helping drone pilots use Spotscale to capture optimal imagery for reconstructing built environments in 3D. Isabelle is only 24 years old and already one of the most experienced drone experts in the world.




How did you get into drones and how did you come in contact with Spotscale?

Drones have been a part of my life for over 20 years as I grew up into a drone family around Europe and the United States. I started flying professionally in 2014 after completing an online education, then moved on to an internship and a full time job as a drone operator in the US. The road that led me to Spotscale has been unpaved and spontaneous with projects and operations worldwide from everything between small commercial drones to larger tactical drones. I bumped into Ludvig Emgård, CEO of Spotscale, at a drone conference in Sweden in 2015 and since then we have stayed in touch to help each other move forward in the drone industry. 


What is Spotscale doing and what is your role in the company?

Spotscale has created a unique software of top-class to deliver 3D models to clients all around the world working with built environments. With grand expertise and highly skilled engineers, Spotscale is able to create simplified solutions for an industry in high demand for 3D models. It’s a fusion of technology where I am currently the middle-woman to connect drone operators with the right technology for their clients. My role is to be the link between Spotscale and the evolving drone world, and together understand what it is we need to do in order to keep the industry moving in the right direction. 


You are living in Vienna. How did you end you end up there? Are you working all over the world? 

Vienna has been a longtime favourite city of mine for nearly a decade, I have moved to and from Vienna five times and always find myself coming back one way or another. While Austria may be a small country, it is a key location in the heart of Europe with several drone companies on the uprise. It’s a great location as headquarters while I’m expanding my European drone network and traveling around the World to continue my pursuit of keeping up with the industry. 


Are there any new trends within the drone world? 

As with everything in technology, it is constantly being upgraded and updated. This also applies for new trends within the drone world since there are always new applications in the making. Currently we see the use of drones as tools in agriculture, architecture, and inspections of infrastructure as a rising trend. It’s not always about the drone, but what is attached to the drone that matters. The payload is key to collecting data, thus giving the drone a purpose and potential for new innovative applications.