VR Sci Fest 2018

VR Sci-Fest 2018

The 2nd edition of the international festival dedicated to immersive technology in Science and Art.

SUP46 is excited to announce that we are taking part in the 2nd International VR_Sci Fest dedicated to immersive technologies in science and art.

VR_Sci Fest is the only free VR festival in Europe and open to the public.

SUP46 will open its’ doors on Thursday 17th May at 10 am offering the public an interactive experience with VR technology where you will be able to see and feel what the future of VR holds.

We will have 2 x VR stations for you to interact with as well as a cinema-style experience with rotating content, so you can experience VR in a variety of contexts

Come and interact with the future and VR at SUP46

Cinema Experience:    

11.00-11.30 Program 1

11.30-12.00  Program 2

12.00-12.30  Program 1

12.30- 13.00 Program 2

13.00-14.00 Technical break

14.00-14.30 Program 1

14.30-15.00 Program 2

15.00-15.30 Program 1

15.30-16.00 Program 2 Program 1

16.30-17.00 Program 2


Royal Swedish Opera: Half-Life// 0:03:40 // Art

The first digital dance piece staged at the Royal Swedish Opera – Sharon Eyal’s celebrated dance work Half-Life in Virtual Reality (VR).

Minediving, 115 meters underground // 0:05:50 // Nature

Join Swedish diver Filippa Ek in one of the best places for mine diving in the world, Tuna Hästberg in Sweden. Crystal clear water and well preserved.

Take a ride on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop // 0:01:29 //Future/Transport

Billionaire philanthropist Elon Musk hopes to introduce a new form of transportation to compete with planes and trains. 

The new technology, called Hyperloop, would consist of a tube with Concorde-like seating inside able to send passengers at 760 miles an hour on a cushion of compressed air.


Sungir. 3D VR facial reconstruction of 30 000 y. o. Homo sapiens // 0:04:50 // Science

30 000 years ago in the territory of the Vladimir region there was a seasonal hunting camp Sungir. This camp is the northernmost Paleolithic settlement of the early Homo sapiens in Europe. In the harsh conditions of the glacial period, the inhabitants of Sungir developed craftsmanship to a high level and left behind more than 80,000 objects of everyday life and culture

Enter the Humachine// 0:07:13 // Future

“Enter the Humachine” is an interactive VR movie. It tells the story of Newbie the Humachine – an artificial intelligence device that was built and trained by humans in order to protect people from cyber threats.

First time in the Universe: Spacewalk filmed in 360// 0:07:40// Space

This is the first-ever panoramic video shot in open space by the crew of the International Space Station. The 360 video was produced by RT in collaboration with the Russian space agency and leading spacecraft producer Energia.