SUP46 TECH CON – #1 Robotics

*Welcome to TECH CON – #1 Robotics*

SUP46 proudly invites you to the new series of events created, developed and promoted by our very own Event Team. The goal is to update people, create a fun experience and get people together for a specific theme each time. This is an event that visualises not only the gathering of tech professionals but also everyone who is interested in technology and its developments and inputs into society. It will be a series of interactive events with an informal atmosphere for sharing knowledge, having fun and mingling.

For our first edition, the Tech Con will provide an interactive and innovative event which should give our guests the idea of what is coming next in the field of Robotics. In Stockholm it is fair to say the robotics community is small and closed, but we aim to change this uniting people passionate about it!

We will have several booths with each booth representing different experiences of Robotics. Companies will showcase their products and provide a real life demo. We will also have 3 shorts talks presented by specialists who are currently working in the industry. All these will be held in a relaxed and welcoming experience that invites you to be a part of it. You really do not want to miss it!


  • Furhat
  • Camanio Care
  • Inkonova
  • Gleechi
  • Gleechi VR Gaming Station


Alessandro Pieropan (Computer Vision & Deep Learning Scientist at Univrses): Automation in warehousing (Amazon Picking Challenge), fast growing start-ups worldwide

Pau Mallol (Founder & CTO at Inkonova): Autonomous drones

Alper Aydemir (Co-founder & CTO at Volumental): Autonomous driving, problems in the field and solutions, Q&A



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