Stockholm.AI Meetup

Stockholm’s meetup for applied: Machine Learning – Deep Learning Cognitive – Augmented Intelligence – Natural Language Processing – Neural Networks – Machine Ethics – etc …let’s call it AI for now. Stockholm.AI is a community that brings startups, corporates and academics in the AI sphere together to understand the current state of the technology and what is in store for the near future. While some of our talks will take a technical deep dive, the forum is open to all those with a strong interest in the field.


“Deep learning in healthcare and biomedicine”

Mikael Huss, Researcher at Scilifelab, Stockholm university

 ”AI Startups & The Dancing Elephants”

Jillian Gillian, Venture Fellow at Blue Yard Capital

“Deep Learning beyond the lab”

Luka Crnkovic – Friis, Co-Founder Peltarion

”The big take outs from the Nordic AI Conference in Copenhagen”

Lisa Mallner, Project Manager for Nordic AI

 “Bringing data science to the giants”

Pelle Sommansson, Principal at BCG Gamma, Boston Consulting Group’s data science function.



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