Salesforce Pitch Event

How to Build the Perfect Pitch?

The problem with most pitches or presentations is that they are either:

  • Overloaded with technology and jargon
  • Lacking in substance
  • Or both.

No amount of slick graphics or trendy buzzwords can fix these issues. Walk into an investor or customer meeting with a pitch like that and chances are you will walk out with nothing. Take part in a 2 hour workshop where Dr. Linda Plano, goes through the 10 questions that every pitch and presentation should answer.

For whom?

This workshop is for CEOs and other executives responsible for crafting and delivering the company’s core presentation.



  Lina Plano, PhD

Linda has coached and worked with 600+ startups globally who have gone to raise well over $250M. The ubiquity and importance of pitching she has encountered is the source of her tagline, “Life’s a pitch.“


Malte Waczinski, Founder & CEO of EMPAUA

Headquartered in Berlin, based in five cities, EMPAUA is a Salesforce consultancy for hyper-growth companies and Innovation Hub.

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