SaaS Growth Hacks Meetup – Stockholm

SaaS Growth Hacks is an international Facebook Community of SaaS marketers, founders and CEOs of all sizes.

This is a casual one-off meetup of all Stockholm-based members and visitors. All SaaS enthusiasts who are not part of the group are warmly welcomed to join and mingle!

Let’s chat about user acquisition, churn & retention, business models, metrics, UI/UX, development and anything SaaS related or off-topic with lots of like-minded people 🙂

Past meetups were in London, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Lisbon, Berlin, …

See you soon! 🙂

SUP46, a Stockholm-based startup hub, is kind enough to provide office space. Trustshoring is organizing the event and will provide you with some beers!

There’s a limited amount of tickets, so get yours now or sign up for the waiting list! Please, if you have a ticket but can’t come, make sure to cancel so someone else can take your spot.

Register here