ESBRI: Lonely genius builds no startups – entrepreneurship is a group work

Briefly on the lecture:

 How are knowledge-intensive growth companies successful? One common factor is that they are run by groups, not alone geniuses. Working in teams is central to successful entrepreneurship, says Anna Brattström and Frédéric Delmar. Based on pivotal research results from an international study, they will reflect on the importance of group dynamics for decision making in new companies.

The researchers have followed a large number of entrepreneurial teams in a longitudinal study. Research shows that if a team is to be successful, it must meet certain conditions. Among other things, it must have the right composition and work in a way that contributes to creating economic value. If the team can work together to make the most of the overall knowledge, the company gets a head start for its competitors.

That may sound easy – but how are you doing? During the lecture, Anna Brattström and Frédéric Delmar will give us practical tips on working methods that work.

Briefly about the lecturer / lecturers: 

Anna Brattström is deputy lecturer and active at Sten K Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship, Lund University. Her research is about innovation, entrepreneurship and cooperation. She is particularly interested in group dynamics and wants to understand conflicts and cooperation within and between groups. Brattström’s research is based on longitudinal data from innovative startups and inter-organizational R & D collaborations.

Frédéric Delmar is a professor of entrepreneurship at Sten K, the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship, Lund University. His research interests include the first phase of development in start-up companies, as well as organizational growth. Delmar teaches on many different levels with a focus on entrepreneurship: How to start business and make them grow. He is happy to use case studies in his teaching.

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