Lean Startup & Design Thinking (+ Startup Matchmaking!)


SPECIAL EVENT: “Lean Startup & Design Thinking: New Ideas, Prototypes, and Business Models”

Launching a startup? Or already have a startup? 

Make better, faster business decisions and succeed in a business landscape full of risk. Learn how to create a more successful entrepreneurial business and how you can learn to improve virtually everything you do.


– How to go from idea to business model
– How an MVP can forward your growth and help you succeed in new ways
– How Lean Startup and Design Thinking are complimentary
– How to reduce the risk when taking new ideas to market

Then announce to the room who/what you’re looking for so that you can take the next step. NOTE: If you get a VIP ticket, then you can announce your company on the stage at the beginning of the event for 1-2 minutes – instead of just 10 sec. and can display a slide (photo) if you send it to Stockholm Entrepreneurs in advance.

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Andy Cars – CEO of Lean Ventures, lean startup coach

Other panelist(s) to be announced

Event to be moderated, in English, by Peter Fosso (from USA; Founder of Global Music Project, NetMusic Entertainment Corp, and Stockholm Entrepreneurs)

Sponsored by Enmanskonsulterna

SCHEDULE (approximate times): 18:45: Check-In/Mingling, 19:00 or 19:15 Panel Discussion, 20:15-20:45 10-sec introductions from the audience, then the most important mingling of the night. This is an ‘after dinner’ event so no food will be served.


Enmanskonsulterna is a network of independent IT consultants helping each other to excel as independent professionals.


Andy Cars is a serial entrepreneur with 16 years of international experience. He has in three different countries built five businesses, of which, three have been sold. Andy has also coached and mentored 200+ startups on how to take their ideas to market. In 2014, Andy founded Lean Ventures International AB, an innovation strategy consultancy that works with large companies. Their goal is to build innovation strategies and ecosystems to strengthen the innovation capabilities of leadership and innovation teams.


Peter Fosso is a serial entrepreneur from Seattle, Washington (USA) and the founder of Global Music Project, NetMusic Entertainment, Seattle Entrepreneurs, Stockholm Entrepreneurs, and more. Peter has a diverse background as an entrepreneur with strong expertise in the music industry, technology, and consumer or B2B-related businesses. He’s an Internet business developer and consultant, advising in companies’ business development, marketing, social media strategies, and can help Swedish companies enter the U.S. marketplace.


Global Music Project is an international NGO whose mission is to provide musical instruments to the underprivileged and make a difference through the power of music. Currently launching a branch in Stockholm, so come join the team of volunteers!