Introduction to Design Thinking

We invite you to join us for an inspirational and interactive event to introduce you to design thinking methodology. This evening will give you the basic knowledge required to help you build products customers acutally love.

Design thinking, or human-centered design, is a methodology strongly rooted in empathy and experimentation. It allows you to build innovative products based on customers often unspoken needs. Design thinking is a cure to a common challenge of developing products that solve non-existing problems.


17:00 – Registration

17:30 – How to empower innovation with Design Thinking

19:00 – Mingle

19:30 – Time to say goodbye

The aim of the event is to give you a high-level overview of methodology however, design thinking is best learned through practice. On this evening you will partake in several hands-on exercises that you could directly apply to your business; so expect to roll up your sleeves and get creative!

Check out this quick video for a great explanation on design thinking.

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