Stockholm.AI Kickoff

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Seats are limited, please register at and we will send out eventbrite tickets to up to a 100 attendees.

Say what? Stockholm.AI? what happened to SthlmDL?

As you can see we are now Stockholm.AI, more broadly focused on Artificial Intelligence (earlier: Deep Learning). Wider in scope, we are even more strongly focused on building a community dedicated to AI, sharing experiences and knowledge and discussing the latest happenings in the world of AI.

Aim: Make Stockholm the #1 place to launch your AI startup!
Talks will cover a wide range of topics from the field of AI, and focus on both technical and business aspects of running an AI startup, as well as general developments in AI.

Theme of this first event:

Any startups, companies, entrepreneurs, designers, business developers, investors running, investing in, or doing whatever with AI lets meet each other, give short 10 min talks, and get to know each other, and hear about all the amazing stuff happening here in Stockholm in the field of AI (It’s a lot, we can tell you that!)

Want to introduce yourself, share what you’re doing, provoke some thoughts on the topic of AI? Email us at [masked]
Or find me at Twitter: @graphific

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