Event Shots series by SUP46 – Digital Nomad Stories #2

Digital Nomad Stories #2

, 11:00 – 12:00


Maybe the digital nomad career is exactly for you and you don’t know it yet?

Digital Nomads work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, co-working spaces or even from places that are 100 meters from the beach.

This second edition of the event is for those who want to get inspired about working online, while travelling and/or living somewhere else.  We will focus on sharing stories that give you an opportunity to learn insights of what is like to be a digital nomad, what difficulties you will have during your process and many more. There will be also time for questions and small discussions.

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect and the questions, on which our speakers will focus during the event:

    • How did you become a digital nomad?
    • What are the pros and cons?
    • What a normal day of your life looks like?
    • What is Digital Identity?


Our conversation will be led by


Dr. Karola Xenia Kassai is an innovation attorney-at-law admitted to the Budapest Bar, leading a law firm remote, which assists startups in more than 5 EU countries. The disrupting effect of the information age has reached the extremely traditional markets such as law by now as well due to which there is a paradigm shift going on in the legal industry. You are not tied to one country anymore as a lawyer, but with an integrated business & law approach and significant intercultural communication experiences you can provide advice for clients regardless of where they reside. The companies don’t necessary need external attorneys anymore, they rather need experienced professionals who are by the way lawyers. The remote lawyers’ time has begun!


Naseem Quraishi-Larsson is a Digital brand strategist and film producer with a background as a strategy and Change Consultant. She had virtual leading roles on Global level during her 10 years in IBM, and saw no reason to limit herself to a local market when she started up on her own ten years ago. She built her own Digital brand and then started helping others both in Sweden and other countries. Visibility is a challenge and so is living in a virtual world. There are many needs to take care of. Naseem shares some of her own learnings and methods to keep afloat in a virtual world.



You’re guaranteed to get inspired and full with ideas.


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