Design Thinking – Masterclass by SUP46

This masterclass is split into two workshops with the following dates:

April 9th     16:00 – 20:00 Part 1

April 16th   16:00 – 20:00 Part 2


Do you want to develop products your consumers love? Are you looking for the next big idea? Then this masterclass is for you!


Design thinking, or human-centered design, is a methodology strongly rooted in empathy and experimentation. It allows you to build innovative products based on customers often unspoken needs. Design thinking is a cure to a common challenge of developing products that solve non-existing problems.

Check out this quick video for a cool explanation!


These high tempo, hands-on workshops give you an overview of the methodology. Design thinking is best learned through practice and you will try several methods from the toolkit. You will learn how to get inspiration from users, conduct a great interview as well as basics of prototyping and idea validation.

We  will work in teams on a specific challenge. You will empathise with users, brainstorm multiple solutions, develop a prototype and finally test it with potential customers.

There is no homework that you need to complete between part one and part two. However, we will give you a couple of ideas how to deepen your understanding of Design Thinking and practice certain skills and mindsets, should you be interested to go the extra mile.


Design thinking is not only for designers. Anyone working with product development, planning to start an own company or just looking for ways to bring more innovation into your workplace would benefit from design thinking tools.


·       Startup founders

·       Product managers

·       Team leads and project managers

·       Marketers

·       Designers

·       Anyone who would like to bring better ideas and products into the world

No previous experience is required.


·       Overview of the design thinking process

·       Hands on experience of the key steps

·       Learn how to get insights to design products that people want and need

·       Understand the importance of identifying and engaging with extreme users

·       Practice interview skills

·       Get tips for successful ideation

·       Practice developing a prototype and test it with potential users


COST  5500SEK incl. VAT includes a light dinner on both days.



Tatiana Solodko is driving the innovation agenda at Amadeus Scandinavia, one of the world’s largest IT software companies. She holds several certificates in design thinking and has deep insights into various innovation methodologies. A founder herself, Tatiana is active in the startup eco-system in Sweden having participated in the Startup Weekend travel hackathon and as a mentor at similar events.

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