Design Sprint Meetup

A (Google) Design Sprints let you find out if your product is worth developing in just 4 days. How is that possible?

In this meetup we aim to answer this question. We´ll talk about what a design sprint is, what it can be used for and why it works.

What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint takes the best parts from business strategy, innovation, behavior science and design thinking put it together in a weeklong iteration cycle. It´s a recipe for how to solve challenges and test solutions with real users in 4 days.

What can you expect from this meetup?

  • You´ll learn the basics about the Design Sprint and why it works.
  • You´ll meet others interested in Design Sprints.
  • You´ll hear some interesting stories.
  • You´ll be inspired to learn more.

Who should attend?

  • Startup founders
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Business Developers
  • Product managers
  • Executives
  • Marketers
  • Designers
  • Engineers

What background knowledge is expected?

We expect basic knowledge in Design Thinking and Lean Startup.


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