Concise inspires: How to understand your end users earlier and hack growth

There are only so many changes that designers can make to breathe new life into a product. At some point, they’ll inevitably hit the ‘Local Maximum’ or a point where they reach the limit of the current design. The solution? Start over with a new design?

In this practical tech talk, we’ll discuss user tests, the importance of including UX from the early stages of development, how to balance the needs of end-users and businesses, the importance of understanding end users earlier in the development process, how to involve developers in growth hacking, and more!

Leading the talk, Concise’s CEO Aive Uus and UX expert Helen Kokk will share real-life experiences of User Testing, Usability Testing and implementing Growth Hacking in development teams.

Come and join us – learn new things, enjoy some snacks and drinks and network with other product builders!

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