6th Annual Swedish Startup Gala

Welcome to the 6th Annual Swedish Startup Gala hosted by SUP46

Each year SUP46 opens its doors to celebrate the many achievements that have occurred in the startup ecosystem around Sweden.

This year the theme is diversity & the first time SUP46 will host an experiential event; so prepare yourself to have your pallets tantalised, and senses stimulated as we combine flavours, sounds, smells & visual stimuli at various stations throughout the evening.

We have a program packed full of fireside chats, panel discussions, startup pitches, awards & entertainment.

So come and  be amongst the brilliant game changers in the Swedish startup world & find out who will win the Swedish Startup Hall of Fame award 2018

The 5 very anticipated awards are handed out at the gala:

•Swedish Startup Hall of Fame 2018
•Startup Launch of the Year
•Startup Team of the Year
•Startup Expansion of the Year
•Pay it Forward Investor of the Year

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