3D-Printing for ‘Dummies’

Event Shots series by SUP46: 3D-Printing for ‘Dummies’


Learn how to make and create!


Ever wondered what a 3D-printer is? Ever wanted to learn how 3D-Printing works?

Well, 3D-Printing is art, design, technology and so much more. It’s like printing your imagination! Imagine printing things that you really need like the plastic back of your TV remote because it’s broken. Think how long it would take to replace that part; looking on the website, exchange of emails, ordering and having to wait for it to arrive. Too long! What if you could just print it at home as and when you need things?

This will be a continuation of the ‘Intro in 3D-printing’ that we did last year so, during our insightful demonstration, we will:

  • Start you off with the basics
  • Explain how one can actually 3D-print
  • All the things you need to have in mind.

We will also have plenty of time to answer your questions!


This workshop will be led by Fredrik Johansson, a 3D artist from Information Experience (IX).

Fredrik has a background in the gaming industry and market research. At Information Experience, he is working on creating mixed reality applications using Hololens and iPad/iPhone.

Information Experience’s Augmented Reality applications, together with a CAD/BIM cloud service specialized in preparing CAD content for AR & VR, bring the digital dimension all the way to the building site. By providing timely access to accurate, relevant information just by looking at objects, we help our clients to safer building and manufacturing sites, better building quality, interactive checklists and provide an easy way to keep the building documentation up to date throughout the entire project.

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