19@19 October Event

Invitation to FREE Live event

Welcome to 19@19 October event where we have invited the inspiring couple Lucas and Johanna to share their insights from growing their businesses and personal life.

They will focus on 3 things during this evening: Partnerships, Your Being and Growth.

18:30 Door opens and registration
19:00 Presentation Lucas and Johanna – Investment Strategies and Personal Development
19:30 Workshop Alise Axelsson – The Power of effective Goal Setting
20:00 Free networking – Apply new skills and celebrate new connections with complimentary wine and snacks.
21:00 Venue closes
Johanna Mårdh – Johanna´s primary driving force is to contribute to the personal development and success of others. She does this as a lecturer and as a coach aswell as an entrepreneur in her own investment company.
Lucas Sköld – Lucas currently operates five companies and is a boardmember in two of them. Over the past five years, he has lectured about creating change and is passionate about developing people and society as well.
Alise Axelsson – Alise’s background comes from banking industry and she has been running her own business with health and wellness for the last 5 years now. Almost 2 years ago she came a cross Anthony Robbins work, attended his seminars, graduated his coaching program and now it’s her passion to help people to create extraordinary life and relationships.
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