Do you need someone to talk to?


Blu Call joined SUP46 one month ago and we have asked them a few questions about the membership experience so far.



Tell us a bit about your startup?

Blue Call is a digital market place where you can find someone to talk to. Think of it as UBER-shrink. You can talk to “Volunteers”- fellow humans, “Mentors”- people with an education in counseling and “Professionals”. Call someone directly and anonymously through the app and feel a bit better!

How did you come up with the idea?

When we were studying we experienced our own share of mental illness. Not very serious problems at first, but for example anxiety, stress and social pressure. We realized we needed someone to talk to, but didn’t have anywhere to go! In the public health care system, you have to wait for months before you get to talk to someone, and private care is too expensive. When we started to investigate this problem we discovered that we weren’t alone in this and that mental health issues are actually one of the biggest threats to global wellbeing. So we thought, why not explore the market place peer-to-peer model where everyone can help each other! And so BlueCall was born.

What do you think is the biggest challenge running a startup?

There is no right or wrong, you will never know if you’re making the right decisions until later! You just have to keep working hard and be very attentive and open towards change.

Why did you first apply to become an SUP46 member?

We were a part of STING´s accelerator program and since they are situated at SUP46 we had a great “free trial” for 5 months and came to love this place.

You´re a new member but what benefits have you experienced from sitting at SUP46?

SUP46 is offering a great office space, in a great location. We’re surrounded by people with fantastic energy and different experiences in building companies, always ready to help a fellow start-upper out. It’s a fun environment where creativity thrives. The list of the benefits we’ve experienced so far goes on… Can we stay forever!

What are you aiming to accomplish within the next six months?

Iterate our product towards becoming the #1 mental health hub in the world! For the next six months, we will focus on increasing the number and quality of calls, to make even more people feel better through BlueCall counseling!