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Meet the members – Kristina from AppInMed

Meet the members – Kristina from AppInMed

AppInMed is a new SUP46 member from Lund. They know that patient empowerment is the key to the future healthcare. AppInMed has created a tool that makes it easy for physicians to communicate – using mobile phones or tablets – with their patients or with each other. The key is to make it easier for patients to educate themselves. Kristina Tägil is a physician and one of the founders of AppInMed, a team of three physicians and two programmers making some magic together. We have asked her a few questions about AppInMed.

 Kristina Tägil and the AppInMed team

– Tell us about a recent case so we better understand what you are doing.

The midwives in Kristianstad noticed and were annoyed that the parents received different information depending on who they met at discharge. Some parents left the ward with incomplete or even incorrect information. Using our platform, the midwifes themselves produced an information app covering everything important for the new parent. Our technology – their content. Two weeks ago Socialstyrelsen launched a report about the gap between discharge from BB and the first visit with the primary care. Many potentially harmful complications do occur during this time but with our app some of them are preventable. Information does matter!

– So what problem does AppInMed help solving?

Working in health care, both the public and the private sector, it has become obvious for us how important it is to enrol the patients in their care. We provide the caregivers with the simple-to-use digital tools, necessary for their specific group of patients. We provide the technology and the caregivers the content. And basically what we do is to empower the health professionals to empower their patients.

– What’s your biggest struggle right now?

Both health care workers i. e doctors, nurses, physiotherapists as well as patients and their related persons love our service. Unfortunately the health care system is quite traditional and it takes time and energy to fight the bureaucracy. I am optimistic though and believe that the todays patients will request health care in a modern way.

– You are based in Lund but have a flex seat at the SUP46 office in Stockholm. Why did you apply for a membership at SUP46?

We love Skåne but feel the Stockholm region is taking the lead in digital healthcare. We wanted to come to the best startup hub in Stockholm and we like the diversity of the startups at SUP46. Coming from the research world you always look in neighbouring fields for solutions to your own problems. And we can definitely learn more about motivation from fin-tech or make rehab exercises more fun using gaming tech.


You can find more information about the different SUP46 memberships here.

Meet the members – Elsa from Karma

Meet the members – Elsa from Karma

Elsa Bernadotte is COO and co-founder of Karma  – a social enterprise decided to reducing food waste in the restaurant and grocery store industry. They create a new way for retailers to make their food waste valuable by selling it at the end of the day rather than throwing it away. The users buy the meals with their phone as take-away, and get great restaurant food for half price.

The Karma team with Elsa in the middle

– Karma was founded in September 2015, how much food have you saved so far?

Almost 15.000kg!

– What other markets are you looking at? How is the competition in Sweden and the Nordics?

Food waste is a global issue where more or less every other country is in need of a solution like Karma so there are many markets that’s interesting for us. Our goal is to keep on growing and expanding internationally as fast as we’ve done here in Sweden, while still keeping our focus and maintaining the quality for the users. That being said, I can’t reveal more than that exciting things are in the pipeline 😉

– In what phase did you become SUP46 members? You had your office at SUP46 for a year and you moved out a few months ago. What do you think was best thing with having your office at SUP46?

It was very early days for Karma where we had an early prototype of the app but it was mainly an idea at that point in time. The best thing with having our office at SUP46 was being exposed to such a dynamic environment of various ecosystem actors such as smart entrepreneurs, investors and potential business partners.

– What has happened since you moved out from SUP46 end of January this year?

We’ve grown rapidly with double digits month to month, expanded from Stockholm to 20 other Swedish cities, entered the grocery store segment, signed partnerships with the chains ICA Gruppen, Scandic Hotels and Nordic Choice Hotels and now have over 90.000 users saving food on a daily basis.

What is SUP46?

We are answering the question “What is SUP46?” many times every day. Here you can see what SUP46 is for some of our alumni members! Check out what Natural Cycles, Peppy Pals, Instabridge, Safello, Unomaly, Fishbrain, FundedByMe and Relation Desk had to say about us two years ago!



Quite much has happened the last two years..


Fishbrain has raised over 100M SEK and are making over 1M SEK per month. They are big on the US market and they have over 2,2 million users.

Natural Cycles app was recently granted medical approval to be used as contraceptive in the EU and they have over           100 000 users.

Unomaly has customers in 11 countries. They are backed by leading investors, including EQT Ventures.

Safello was founded in 2013 to bring greater compliance and security to the bitcoin industry. They have since attracted ten thousand customers and supports 32 countries.

FundedByMe is a crowd investment platform connecting investors and entrepreneurs through reward-based and equity crowdfunding. They have since their start helped funding 462 companies from 195 countries.

Big brands like SAS, Swedbank and TeliaSonera today use RelationDesk to build strong, long term relationships with their customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and e-mail.

Peppy Pals is a gaming app that teaches kids all about emotional intelligence. It has been downloaded in more than 150 countries worldwide.

With Instabridge you get more than a million up-to-date WiFi passwords and spots on your phone.


Meet the members – Monika from SDG12


Monika Martinsson is co-founder of one of our new member companies SDG12. They are building a digital platform that automatically presents your climate footprint based on your consumption and lifestyle. Their mobile app will engage to reduce your footprint through guidance and challenges in a gameified format. Tailored offerings around sustainable products and services will be synced with your ambitions of carbon footprint reduction.


From left: Anders Åkerlund, Daniel Dellham, Monika Martinsson och Niclas Persson


You and your three co-founders are all in your mid forties and you have all had successful careers. Was it a tough decision for you to start SDG12? What was the reaction from colleagues, friends and family? 


To some extent it was of course a tough decision, especially seeing that the economic reality changes a lot. But in all the other aspects it’s was a very easy decision. When we felt that we were on to something good and that all four of us found different aspects of the same idea really interesting – we got into a flow! And we’re still there actually, we have so much fun doing this. All four of us enjoy learning new stuff and we aren’t too afraid of being out of our comfort zones, so with that in mind this is just fun. The feed back from the people around us has been very positive – we have supporting friends! And you need that of course, in order to be brave.


What are you doing right now and what is SDG12´s next step? 

Right now we are in a hectic design and development phase, trying out different ways of making an engaging and fun experience for our users. We’re dealing with such a serious topic, so the playfulness and cheerfulness is really important. We’re also building a solid content for the platform based on lastest research and also working with identifying partners and partner companies that are interested in what we are doing. We’re launching a beta version before summer, doing another capital raise during summer and aiming at releasing a version 1.0 towards the end of year. 


You joined SUP46 a few months ago. What´s your impression so far of SUP46?

We are really happy to be here! It’s a fun place, a lot of things happen and there’s always someone you can learn from. We’ve been given many opportunities just by being here and we feel strongly that the business run by SUP46 is a vital success factor for start-ups such as ours.


Meet Isabelle Nyroth – Drone Operation Expert at Spotscale


Isabelle Nyroth is working as Drone Operations Expert for our member company Spotscale from Linköping. She’s helping drone pilots use Spotscale to capture optimal imagery for reconstructing built environments in 3D. Isabelle is only 24 years old and already one of the most experienced drone experts in the world.




How did you get into drones and how did you come in contact with Spotscale?

Drones have been a part of my life for over 20 years as I grew up into a drone family around Europe and the United States. I started flying professionally in 2014 after completing an online education, then moved on to an internship and a full time job as a drone operator in the US. The road that led me to Spotscale has been unpaved and spontaneous with projects and operations worldwide from everything between small commercial drones to larger tactical drones. I bumped into Ludvig Emgård, CEO of Spotscale, at a drone conference in Sweden in 2015 and since then we have stayed in touch to help each other move forward in the drone industry. 


What is Spotscale doing and what is your role in the company?

Spotscale has created a unique software of top-class to deliver 3D models to clients all around the world working with built environments. With grand expertise and highly skilled engineers, Spotscale is able to create simplified solutions for an industry in high demand for 3D models. It’s a fusion of technology where I am currently the middle-woman to connect drone operators with the right technology for their clients. My role is to be the link between Spotscale and the evolving drone world, and together understand what it is we need to do in order to keep the industry moving in the right direction. 


You are living in Vienna. How did you end you end up there? Are you working all over the world? 

Vienna has been a longtime favourite city of mine for nearly a decade, I have moved to and from Vienna five times and always find myself coming back one way or another. While Austria may be a small country, it is a key location in the heart of Europe with several drone companies on the uprise. It’s a great location as headquarters while I’m expanding my European drone network and traveling around the World to continue my pursuit of keeping up with the industry. 


Are there any new trends within the drone world? 

As with everything in technology, it is constantly being upgraded and updated. This also applies for new trends within the drone world since there are always new applications in the making. Currently we see the use of drones as tools in agriculture, architecture, and inspections of infrastructure as a rising trend. It’s not always about the drone, but what is attached to the drone that matters. The payload is key to collecting data, thus giving the drone a purpose and potential for new innovative applications.