A SUP46 lovestory!


SUP46 is not only a place where magic happens for startups, it’s now officially also a place for romance. In September last year during one of our Happy Hours, the one co-hosted by our Global Friend Balderton Capital, two of our guests found love. 


They spent the entire event just where this table is placed. They talked and talked and talked and then decided to meet again. Fast-forward five months and Valentines Day was coming up. One of them approached our Event Manager and asked if he could host a surprise dinner in the spot where they spent their first hours together. She thought she was going to SUP46 for a business meeting but instead arrived to a private dinner with champagne, roses and wine.

SUP46 wishes the anonymous but happy couple all the best in the future and we hope more people will fall in love at Regeringsgatan 65 in Stockholm.